torstai 23. tammikuuta 2014

"Mary Ellen Skye"

Mary Ellen Arnold a 26-year-old hairstylist based in Charlotte, N.C., was recently named FP Me Trendsetter of the Year. “To wear their clothes, you really have to know how to layer,” she says. “This year, I got really into it. I love the Boho,’70s kind of vibe. I love their pants, and their dresses are awesome.” Arnold says she realized she was making a mark when Free People re-pinned one of her photos on Pinterest. “It blew up my Pinterest — I have like 5,000 followers now."
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What inspires you the most?
I’m inspired constantly! A beautiful day outside, a spontaneous road trip, coffee in the morning…so much to be excited about to not get inspired! I just love living life fully every day, and a big part of that for me is playing dress up!
Who is your favorite style icon? 
I love the Olsen twins, Tasya Van Ree,  Rachel Zoe & Alexa Chung.

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